Earls Dowty Seal - 178110ERL - Modern Day Muffler

Earls Dowty Seal - 178110ERL

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Standard practice in the U.S.A. is to use crush washers, "O" rings and/or Stat-O-Seals to seal ports and banjo fittings. English practice is to use "Dowty Seals". Dowty seals are similar in concept to our Stat-O-Seals, but are considerably smaller in diameter (and thicker in cross section). Since many of our road racing and Indy cars— and their mechanics—are of English origin, Earl's offers a complete range of Dowty Seals.


  • English Practice
  • Considerably Smaller Diameter
  • Thicker In Cross-Section
  • Complete Range Offered

Year Make Model Submodel Engine Size

Brand Earls
Emission Code 5
Finish Natural
Fitting Size None
Material Synthetic Nitrile O-Ring in Zinc Plated Steel
O-Ring Material Nitrile
Product Line Premium
Product Type Accessory
Quantity Per Pkg. Two
Washer I.D. 5/8 Inch