Studfix Exhaust Manifold repair Kit for V6 & Smaller Cars

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Studfix Exhaust Manifold repair Kit for V6 & Smaller Cars

This kit is for replacing the studs on your exhaust manifold, it is best suited for ford Cars but can be applied to other exhaust systems as well.

This clamp is designed to be a easy and cheap alternative to fixing exhaust leaks caused by broken or rusted studs. It is an great alternative to spending countless dollars and hours redrilling or tapping old studs. These parts are manufactured in the USA, made from high quality parts and are a lasting fix to broken exhaust studs. They should be in any exhaust shops inventory and are a great DIY part for an at home mechanic.

This kit includes 2 clamps (one for each manifold ear) that will repair 2 studs (ONE manifold). If you need to repair both manifolds then we recommend ordering 2 kits. Kit includes instructions.

This easy to install car exhaust manifold stud repair clamp is a great alternative to replacing rusted or broken exhaust studs. The Studfix clamp reattaches your exhaust down-pipe and flange to your manifold by hooking over your manifold’s ear, simply tighten the provided nuts and say goodbye to your noisy exhaust. Installation requires no redrilling, no removing old studs and our clamps are more secure and easier to install than comparable c-clamps.

  • Interior Diameter 3/4″ (see pics for full product dimensions)
  • Kit includes 2 clamps, 2 nuts 
  • Fits most Ford cars and any manifold that has ears