How Do I know if I need a Catalytic Converter?

When you drive a car that has a bad catalytic converter, the symptoms vary. In some cases, the core inside the catalytic converter can start rattling without any other symptoms. In other cases, the Check Engine Light will illuminate but the car will operate normally otherwise.

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Can You Drive with a Bad Catalytic Converter?

In most cases, your car will still run and drive even after the catalytic converter goes bad. However, there are many problems that will be created by driving with a bad converter. First, your car will produce toxic gases that will be spewed directly into the environment since they will not be filtered.

If you live in a state that requires a smog test or emissions test, then your car will fail this test. The emissions from your vehicle will definitely be over the legal limits without a properly functioning converter.

Next, your car’s performance will suffer as a result of a bad catalytic converter. You are likely to see a reduction in horsepower and a reduction in your fuel economy. Your car relies on oxygen sensor readings from sensors that are located on both sides of the converter to spray the correct amount of fuel into the cylinders. When the converter goes bad and these readings are no longer in the proper range, the computer cannot distribute fuel most efficiently.


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What Are The Signs Of A Faulty Catalytic Converter?

 If your car is experiencing any of the following symptoms, you may have a damaged or clogged catalytic converter:

    • Your check engine light is on
    • Your engine runs rough, stalls, and/or cuts out
    • You notice decreased engine performance
    • You notice decreased fuel efficiency
    • Your exhaust smoke is dark and/or heavy
    • There’s a sulfur-like smell coming from the tailpipe
    • Your car has trouble accelerating
    • The catalytic converter rattles when the car is idling
    • Your car failed its emissions test

When to Repair or Replace Your Catalytic Converter ?

If your car’s engine’s performance degrades, the chances are high that the converter isn’t working as expected. When the converter fails, it leads to back pressure that has a deteriorating impact on the engine. If you do not replace or repair your converter immediately, it may affect the engine, forcing it to stall.

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