05-10 Chevrolet Cobalt Fuel Line Kit Complete Repair lines

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Our Quick-Fix Fuel Line Kits comes with everything needed to replace your leaky fuel lines. They are Pre-Cut to the exact length for your vehicle. Unlike the original fuel lines that use hard steel lines and rubber hose, our Quick-Fix Fuel Line Kits use a braided stainless steel fuel line line that will connect to your fuel tank and run all the way up to the fuel rail. All of the factory clamp locations are used to secure the fuel hose but you must simply remove the factory clips and use the supplied steel clips and fasteners in it's place. No more fighting the hard lines to try and get them installed, our Quick-Fix Fuel Line Kits install is a breeze. Don't let a repair shop patch your old lines with nylon hose that can easily crush when making tight bends, causing possible fuel starvation.


Years Models Interchange







Chevy Cobalt

Chevy HHR

Pontiac G5

819-801    819-811


NFR0002    HHF0601

NFR0014    HHF0602

NFR0017    NFR0048

SHHF0601   SHHF0602


Quick Fix Fuel Line Comparison Fine Lines Other Brands
Stainless Hose  
Plastic/Nylon Hose   x
SAE Pressure Tested  
Not Tested   x
6000 PSI Rating  
Stainless Mounting Hardware  
Zip Ties for Securing   x
Stainless End Forms  
Steel End Forms   x
Lifetime Warranty  
1 Year Warranty   x


Customer Reviews

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John Strong
Thanks for a major save in my book!

I am what you might call a Redneck shade tree mechanic. And after watching a few videos for reference and hoping to find a quick and easy fix, I was seriously dreading having to do the lines on my 09 Cobalt. So I spent the better part of the day comparing products and prices from area auto stores and then online stores. I started getting fed up with the whole idea of doing it myself! Then I just happened to stumble upon your video. And you can probably imagine my relief upon learning that the lines you used were actually ones you carried and people could order! No more comparing different parts from different stores. No more figuring out which adapters and fittings I might need! Short of getting OEM replacement lines, yours were the only ones I found that were complete lines front to back and a direct fit! My only complaint is that it took longer to arrive at my door than originally stated. An option to have it sent via FedEx would have been a choice I would have opted for. But definitely saved me a lot of headache and more than a few cussing episodes! Lol Thanks for a major save in my book!

Great price, easy fix

The price was perfect (much better deal than what others offer), fast shipping. It was as simple as remove old rusty fuel and evap lines, then run these 2 in their place. If I could suggest one thing it would be to change fuel filter while doing this. I already had a brand new one from some other things I purchased elsewhere but might as well do that at the same time.