2004-2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Fuel line Quick Fix Kit Crew Cab QFF0004SS

2004-2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Fuel line Quick Fix Kit Crew Cab QFF0004SS

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  • 2004-2006 GMC  Sierra  & Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Non HD & NON Flex Fuel Models
  • 2007 GMC  Sierra  & Chevrolet Silverado Classic 1500 Non HD & NON Flex Fuel Models
  • V8 gas Engine
  • Crew Cab/Short or Long Bed

QFF0004SS- 04-07 GM 1500 Truck Classic Crew Cab V8 Quick Fix Fuel Line Kit; Braided Stainless


Braided Stainless Steel with a Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty !!!

Our Quick-Fix Fuel Line Kits comes with everything needed to replace your leaky fuel lines. They are Pre-Cut to the exact length for your vehicle. Unlike the original fuel lines that use hard steel lines and rubber hose, our Quick-Fix Fuel Line Kits use a braided stainless steel fuel line line that will connect to your fuel tank and run all the way up to the fuel rail. All of the factory clamp locations are used to secure the fuel hose but you must simply remove the factory clips and use the supplied steel clips and fasteners in it's place. No more fighting the hard lines to try and get them installed, our Quick-Fix Fuel Line Kits install is a breeze. Don't let a repair shop patch your old lines with nylon hose that can easily crush when making tight bends, causing possible fuel starvation.


All lines are CNC machine bent and ready to install.

For over two decades, Quality Reproductions has provided customers with the best reproduction Brake and Fuel lines available. Starting in 2013, they have expanded manufacturing to include after-market replacement Brake, Fuel, and Transmission lines for modern vehicles. To date, they have spent countless hours perfecting their patterns and machine formulas in order to provide our customers with quality lines that meet the needs of their vehicle restoration or repair projects.

Customer Reviews

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false fuel smell

thought i had a gas leak, bought the fuel lines and they are worth the money, problem was rack and pinion was leaking on exhaust making it smell like a gas leak. keeping lines for the future, never know when i will need them.

Chad Boer
Easiest fix!

I installed this kit on my 06 Silverado crew cab due to a rusted leaking fuel supply line. It was extremely easy to install and connected directly to the factory ends on the truck. It only took me about an hour and a half (I do have a hoist). It may help to remove the front drive shaft so it's easier to route the lines. Overall a great product and well worth the price. I'm happy I didn't have screw around with cutting tube and trying to use compression fittings. This kit gives me peace of mind that my fuel lines are now good to go, probably beyond the life of the truck. I highly recommend this option to anyone having the same problem. Also, I ordered it on Sunday and it was delivered on Tuesday. Overall extremely happy with the kit.