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MSD Ignition 8620 Crank Trigger Kit BBC 8"Balancer Crank Trigger.

MSD Ignition 8620 Crank Trigger Kit BBC 8"Balancer Crank Trigger.

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For a long time, racers have known that one of the best things to do to an engine to improve its performance is to stabilize the ignition timing. The MSD Flying Magnet Crank Trigger system does exactly that by using four magnets embedded in an aluminum wheel. Although similar in appearance to other crank triggers, the MSD Flying Magnet design works on a different principle. Most crank triggers have a wheel, with steel studs sticking out, bolted to the harmonic balancer. As the crankshaft turns, the studs pass by a stationary magnetic pick-up, triggering the ignition. This pick-up can be triggered by other bolts, debris or even vibrations which will cause a loss of power or engine damage. The MSD Flying Magnet Crank Trigger uses four magnets secured in the aluminum trigger wheel that pass by a stationary non-magnetic pick-up to trigger the ignition. This "flying magnet" design produces accurate trigger signals and the non-magnetic pick-up cannot be false triggered. Each Flying Magnet Crank Trigger includes a two-piece mounting bracket for the non-magnetic pick-up that in most cases will work on either the passenger side or driver's side of the engine (the SB Chrysler and SB Ford brackets mount on only one side). The CNC-machined aluminum bracket securely holds the pick-up in place and is slotted to provide a wide range of timing adjustment. Spacers are included so you can mount the bracket on engines with standard motor mounts or engines with a .25" motor plate. These systems will trigger MSD 6, 7 and 8 Series Ignitions and all MSD Timing Accessories.


    Year Make Model Submodel Engine Size
    1979 - 1986 GMC K3500 4.25/8 V
    1976 GMC Jimmy 4.25/8 V
    1987 - 1988 Chevrolet V30 4.25/8 V
    1975 - 1986 Chevrolet C20 4.25/8 V
    1975 - 1986 Chevrolet C20 Suburban 4.25/8 V
    1975 - 1978 GMC C25 Suburban 4.25/8 V
    1979 - 1986 GMC C2500 4.25/8 V
    1975 - 1978 GMC C35 4.25/8 V
    1975 - 1986 Chevrolet C30 4.25/8 V
    1979 - 1980 GMC C1500 4.25/8 V
    1975 - 1980 Chevrolet C10 4.25/8 V
    1977 - 1986 Chevrolet K30 4.25/8 V
    1979 - 1986 GMC C2500 Suburban 4.25/8 V
    1976 - 1977 GMC K25 Suburban 4.25/8 V
    1976 - 1980 Chevrolet K10 4.25/8 V
    1976 - 1978 GMC K25 4.25/8 V
    1987 - 1989 GMC R3500 4.25/8 V
    1975 - 1976 GMC G25 4.25/8 V
    1979 - 1980 GMC C1500 Suburban 4.25/8 V
    1975 - 1976 Chevrolet G30 4.25/8 V
    1976 - 1978 Chevrolet K5 Blazer 4.25/8 V
    1975 GMC Sprint 4.13/8 V
    1980 GMC K1500 4.25/8 V
    1985 Chevrolet K20 Suburban 4.25/8 V
    1987 - 1989 GMC V3500 4.25/8 V
    1975 GMC Sprint 4.25/8 V
    1975 - 1978 GMC C15 4.25/8 V
    1975 - 1978 GMC C25 4.25/8 V
    1975 - 1980 Chevrolet C10 Suburban 4.25/8 V
    1979 - 1986 GMC C3500 4.25/8 V
    1987 - 1988 Chevrolet R30 4.25/8 V
    1989 Chevrolet V3500 4.25/8 V
    1975 - 1978 GMC C15 Suburban 4.25/8 V
    1989 Chevrolet R3500 4.25/8 V
    1976 Chevrolet G20 4.25/8 V
    1976 - 1978 Chevrolet K20 4.25/8 V
    1975 - 1976 Chevrolet Caprice 4.25/8 V
    1975 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 4.25/8 V
    1975 - 1976 Chevrolet Impala 4.25/8 V
    1975 Chevrolet Malibu 4.25/8 V
    1976 GMC K15 4.25/8 V
    1976 GMC G35 4.25/8 V
    1975 Chevrolet Bel Air 4.25/8 V

    Brand MSD
    Color Red
    Diameter 8"
    Emission Code 4
    Make Chevy
    Product Type Crank Trigger Kit
    Sensor Dimensions 3/4" x 2.25"
    Sensor Type Non Magnetic
    Trigger Type 4X
    Warning California Proposition 65
    Warranty Limited 1 Year Warranty
    Wheel Width 3/8"
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